About The Social Sink

The One And Done System

This site is basically an experiment. That doesn't mean there is not good content. Depending on what you're looking for, this might be for you. To be specific, these are the things you'll find here.

How It's Categorized

The content is divided into categories that begin with the word F. You can find out more about that at Sales Training And Networking, or Stan Bush. The categories are:
The reason for this is that it makes it easy to find stuff. I use those categories everywhere, including my file cabinets. I never wonder where to put something anymore. I know what category it is in. 


  • The content starts in OneNote. It's generally written in Five Minute sessions. I have a timer that I set for five minutes. I write until it goes off, then I quit. 
  • The next step is to 'Send By Email", which is a way to publish to a site without logging in. All that's necessary is to enable it in blogger, add a secret word, and then email it to the address blogger generates for you. Like magic, it gets sent to the posts area.


  • When I start a post, I can start it from any device. OneNote is a cross platform application. So if I start from my phone, I can still function the same as a desktop. And vice versa.
  • Inserting images is easy. All you do is insert them from your phone or desktop images. If you have a camera, you can take an image from it that shows up. It's literally easy to do anything that I might want to do with it. 
  • You can create images, and VIDEO from any device as well. And all you have to do is insert the media, and it gets uploaded. I call it One And Done. 
  • You can upload to WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and more. And that's from any device. To see the sister site of this content, go to http://TheSocialSync.com . It's the same site, using the same technique...except it's sent to a WordPress site rather than Blogger. 


Currently there are several things that are troublesome. Not enough so to stop me from continuing, but still...troublesome. This is a list of some of them, but not a complete list.
  • The images don't really show up where I want. But then, I haven't really decided what size images I need. Once I figure out the details, I'm sure it will look better. 
  • I don't see a way to add the Labels in Blogger. OneNote publication does support Categories, but not Blogger labels. That means you have to login and add the labels. 
  • There isn't a way to put a page break in OneNote. That means Blogger breaks it up the way it wants. That's one of the reasons I chose the dynamic layout. Hopefully it won't matter as much that way.  Again, in WordPress it's handled by setting the default number of characters allowed on the leading post. Blogger doesn't have that...at least that I know of. If I find out something different, I'll add it to my tips on StanBush.net and SalesTrainingAndNetworking.com
The whole purpose of this experiment is to create a way to create content in a way that is less work. I don't want to have to run a gazillion programs just to publish. There's no need in it. This system will help me work that out.